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#WhoIFollow: Japan’s @koshi_another_side

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite people to follow. For more photos and videos from Koshi and his favorites, follow @koshi_another_side, @chikuwa91 and @laylah on Instagram.

For Japanese Instagrammer Koshi Nishijima (@koshi_another_side), the natural landscapes around his hometown of Fukuoka serve as his inspiration for photography. “My favorite place to shoot is Aso Kujū National Park. You can find valleys, wetlands, volcanos and grasslands with grazing animals, as well as a long strip of road that runs straight through all of this nature. It’s often quite foggy there and even icy in the winter, which brings out the mood,” he explains. He enjoys exploring nature with friends he’s met through Instagram, trying out different ideas to create surreal scenes. “I don’t shoot just to share pretty images. What I want to share is the moment and the ambiance of the time I spend with great people in my favorite places to shoot,” he says.

Koshi also experiments with his iPhone camera. “If the focus and exposure is just right, you can get very clear images and even create bokeh.” He then edits his photos based on his impression of the moment.

Looking for more natural scenes from Japan? Follow some of Koshi’s favorite Instagrammers:

  • @chikuwa91: “His work is so unique and always gives me a pleasant surprise. We go shooting together a lot, but it feels like he’s capturing things in a completely different demension.”
  • @laylah: “Her photos are just plain cool. I don’t know any other girl who takes such edgy photos.”


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#WhoIFollow: Tokyo’s @10_ya

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite people to follow. For more photos and videos from Tomoyasu and his favorites, follow @10_ya, @iamnocco, @sfurusho, @chrisozer and @jasonmpeterson on Instagram.

Tokyo Instagrammer Tomoyasu Koyanagi (@10_ya) developed his own photographic skills by being conscious of simplicity, naturalness and lighting. “When I shoot photos, I try to take out everything that’s unnecessary and capture the image so that anyone can understand my story by seeing that one single photo,” he explains. “I try to visualize what I am seeing in black and white in order to focus on the light and shadow.” Whether it’s a rainy cityscape, a vast grassland or his friends, Tomoyasu always strives to capture the truest, most beautiful moment of the world he sees.

Despite his talent, Tomoyasu did not take up photography until he first got his iPhone a little over two years ago. He initially found Instagram useful for the filters it offers, but he soon became fascinated by the global creative community forming on Instagram. “When I started using Instagram, there already were a bunch of active photographers, and I was just amazed,” he says. Since then, Tomoyasu has also come to enjoy the interactions he has on Instagram, even going out far to scenic areas to shoot photos and meet with other nearby Instagrammers.

Tomoyasu finds inspiration from Instagrammers who have a completely different style than his, but who still embrace the elements important in his work: simplicity, naturalness and the balance of light. To tune into some of Tomoyasu’s favorite people on Instagram, follow these great accounts:

  • Nocco (@iamnocco) – images filled with nature using soft, warm colors
  • Souichi Furusho (@sfurusho) – minimal images created by light and shadow
  • Chris Ozer (@chrisozer) – American photographer who is one of Tomoyasu’s first inspiration on Instagram
  • Jason Peterson (@jasonmpeterson) – another one of Tomoyasu’s early inspiration who captures dynamic images in black and white


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#WhoIFollow: Kitchen Witchcraft with Food Blogger @thekitchenwitch

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite people to follow. For more photos and videos from Jess and her favorites, follow @thekitchenwitch, @yossyarefi, @thehousepie, @waywardspark and @thegreatkosmickitchen on Instagram.

Jess Schreibstein (@thekitchenwitch) credits childhood summer vacations chowing down on local butter-coated sweet corn on Chincoteague Island, Virginia, as a stepping stone in her path to food blogging. Inspired by her parents who were both talented in their kitchen at home, Jess began trying her hand in the kitchen when she left home. “The more I began to cook, the more I began to approach food as more than just putting a meal on the table,” she says. “It’s this amazing thing—so much of our health and energy comes from what we choose to eat.” Jess’s passion for food is evident in her Instagram photos, where she shares everyday moments made all the more special with freshly baked cookies or a trip to the farmers market. Putting the emphasis on simple, local and seasonal ingredients, she lets the food tell the story in her photos to demonstrate that home cooking is not only accessible but also fun.

An active member in the Washington D.C. food scene, Jess founded the DC Food Swap, a series of teaching events where individuals learn cooking techniques or trade homemade goods. As she explains, the DC Food Swap was created “to bring together our local food community and create opportunity for new cooks to practice and share their efforts in a supportive space.” Jess has been documenting her culinary exploits on her blog, Witchin’ in the Kitchen, for four years and uses Instagram as a quick, informal way to share her culinary witchcraft and find inspiration.

Looking to expand your kitchen knowledge? Jess shares some of her favorite Instagram accounts.

  • Brooklyn food stylist @yossyarefi - Yossy’s beautiful blog, recipes and photographs have been an inspiration for me for a long, long time.
  • Folklorist, writer and food blogger @thehousepie - Everything I know about pie history and folklore I can credit to my friend Emily.
  • Rural living in Western Oregon with @waywardspark - Camille is a force. I’ve learned so much about preserving and putting up food from her.
  • Food blogger @thegreatkosmickitchen - Finding Summer Ashley through Instagram was like finding a long-lost friend. Her photos are a great introduction on using food and herbs for healing.


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Who I Follow: London Fashion Week with @catherinealpines

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite people to follow. For more photos and videos from London Fashion Week as it unfolds, browse the #LFW14 hashtag and follow singer @catherinealpines, fashion blogger @susiebubble, designers @eudonchoi, @viviennewestwoodofficial and venue @somersethouselondon.

"Music and fashion are my two great loves," says Alpines (@alpinesmusic) frontwoman Catherine Pockson (@catherinealpines). “Every time I go to London Fashion Week I am struck by the infectious energy in the air. Each year, you can guarantee that boundaries in fashion design will be pushed and new talent will flourish.”

Here, Catherine recommends her favorite shows and venues to visit during London Fashion Week 2014 and reminds fashionistas hotstepping the shows to pack your flats, wear pastel shades no matter the weather and follow her favorite “FROWer” (front rower) fashion blogger Susie Lau (@susiebubble).

Show Highlights

"The designer I am most looking forward to seeing is Eudon Choi (@eudonchoi). Choi used our song ‘Cocoon’ in the film for his collection for River Island and is deeply talented and trained in the art of tailoring. Choi skillfully blends masculine yet feminine, using sartorial techniques and masculine cuts to shape the female form.

"On February 15, I’m looking forward to Antipodium (@antipodium)—known for creating simple and subverted classics with a twist of kink. I am also excited by Dominic Jones’ (@dominicjonesjewellery) jewelry presentation. Dom became a fan of our music early on and we modeled for his collection in 2011. Every year he surprises me with his work.

"I have been obsessed with Vivienne Westwood (@viviennewestwoodofficial) since I was at school. Her show is on February 16, along with Mary Katrantzou (@marykatrantzou) and Topshop Unique.

"To round off the week, on February 18, I’ll be watching KTZ (@ktz_official) and Meadham Kirchhoff’s shows. The KTZ brand is known for playing with urban and indigenous silhouettes, as well as a strong emphasis on symbols, icons and pattern. Meadham Kirchhoff, on the other hand, are playful storytellers, designing pieces that entwine nostalgia and modernity.”

Top Location

"As well as the infamous catwalk shows, there is also the hub of designers showcasing their work throughout the week within the rooms of Somerset House (@somersethouselondon). These rooms exhibit emerging talent across the board in all fields ranging from luxe, knitwear and street wear. The designers which I am most excited about are Georgia Hardinge (hardingegeorgia), Claire Barrow (@claire_barrow) and jewelry designer Mawi (@mawijewellery). I have been fortunate enough to borrow Georgia Hardinge’s pieces on a few occasions, most notably in a music video for a track I co-wrote called 'Tidal Wave' with Subfocus.”


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A Bird in the Hand with @avianrecon

To see more of Allison’s photos and videos, follow @avianrecon on Instagram.

"When I was 12, I started volunteering at a wild bird rehabilitation center and got hooked. Now, I’m lucky enough to work with them at the Avian Reconditioning Center (ARC),” says Allison Miller (@avianrecon). “My official title is ‘Raptor Management Specialist’—I help clean, feed and care for injured and orphaned birds of prey brought to the ARC. I’m also a general falconer and use falconry for rehab as well as doing flight demonstrations for visitors. My favorite part is getting to release a healthy bird back to the wild. It’s the best thing ever!”

On Instagram, Allison shares photos and videos of the birds she works with at the center. “My favorite bird to photograph is Archer, a red shouldered hawk that I do flight demos with, because he just has the silliest personality. That said, everyone else favors the owls! Our petite screech owls, Hunter and Lucy, get the most likes, heads and shoulders above all the other birds.”

Allison also interacts with a “wonderful community of birders and falconers on Instagram” that she enjoys. To tune into some of Allison’s favorite people to follow, follow these great accounts:


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Who I Follow: NY Fashion Week with @evachen212

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite people to follow. For more photos and videos from New York Fashion Week as it unfolds, follow Lucky Magazine editor-in-chief @evachen212, model @soojmooj, stylist @carlynecerfdedudzeele, designer @prabalgurung and hairstylist @sammcknight1.

Thursday marks the official start of New York Fashion Week. As models sporting the newest styles for fall and winter 2014 begin to make their way down the catwalks, we caught up with Lucky Magazine (@luckymagazine) editor-in-chief Eva Chen (@evachen212). Eva keeps in close touch with her community on Instagram: “I love it when I can engage in a back-and-forth Instagram comment Q&A about the best SPF or my favorite designers of the season,” she says. “That, to me, is the new standard of fashion.”

Eva shared the people she’s most excited to follow this Fashion Week. For a look at the week through Eva’s recommendations, check out these accounts:

The Model – Soo Joo Park (@soojmooj)
“Besides having the most wickedly cool platinum blonde hair, Soo Joo has a great eye for everything—from food to fashion. She’s an ultra-chic downtown girl, yet down to earth (and funny!) as well.”

The Stylist – Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele (@carlynecerfdedudzeele)
“Lucky’s Fashion Editor at Large, this legendary stylist tends to WRITE IN ALL CAPS and punctuate her captions with Française. She gives a peek into her enviable closet (oh hi, 10,239,298 Chanel bags) and enviable lifestyle (hanging with Miley, for instance).”

The Designer – Prabal Gurung (@prabalgurung)
“High fashion meets humble—Prabal is one of the genuinely coolest guys I know, and I love that he’s interactive with his followers. He posts photos of everything from backstage exclusives and red carpet dresses to trips to his native Nepal.”

The Hairstylist– Sam McKnight (@sammcknight1)
“Ridiculously talented but with a cheeky sense of humor, Sam gives his followers a look at the backstage workings at Chanel couture… as well as his English gardening habits.”

Lucky Magazine and IMG/Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (@mbfashionweek) are also teaming up for an InstaMeet Thursday morning. Together with Eva and a few of her favorite fashion experts, a group of Instagrammers are exploring the tents backstage and sharing their photos and videos with the #luckyinstameet hashtag.


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#WhoIFollow: Along for the Ride at the Winter Olympics with @torahbright

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite people to follow. For more photos and videos from Torah (@torahbright) and her favorite fellow Olympians on Instagram, follow US alpine ski racer Julia Mancuso (@juliamancuso), US snowboarder Danny Davis (@travelindan), Canada snowboarder Mark McMorris (@markmcmorris) and US alpine ski racer Steven Nyman (@believeinsteven).

Next week, the world’s best winter athletes will descend upon Sochi (@sochi2014) in southwestern Russia for the Winter Olympic Games (@olympics). Australian snowboarder Torah Bright (@torahbright), the defending gold medalist in the women’s halfpipe, is returning for her third Winter Olympics and plans to share her experience at the games on Instagram. “Snowboarding has given me a life I never could have dreamed of. I love snowboarding. My motivation to bring people along for the ride in Sochi is to share our sport’s rather unique culture,” she explains.

Torah also hopes to share moments beyond what you might see televised. “Some parts of competing at the Olympics are glamorous and some are not. I hope to share and paint a realistic picture of an athlete’s experience at the games.” In particular, Torah’s looking forward to meeting and spending time with other Olympians. “For a lot of the winter sports, the Olympics is the only time that all of our paths cross. The food hall in the athlete village is the best place for meeting people. I personally can’t wait to meet some ski jumpers—those guys literally fly!”


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#WhoIFollow: The Great Outdoors with Maldives Instagrammer @axlif

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite people to follow. For more photos and videos from Azlif and his favorites, follow @axlif, @finn, @alexstrohl and @petehalvorsen on Instagram.

Graphic designer Azlif Mohamed (@axlif) lives in the Maldives, the world’s lowest-lying country: 99% of the country is covered by water and only 1% is land. Through his Instagram feed, Azlif’s followers get a rare glimpse at the island nation’s coastline and residents. For Azlif, Instagram is a way to share and see parts of the world outside of his tiny home country. He started using Instagram in 2011 while studying in Bristol, England. “It seemed like the right time to start and capture the contrast between life in the UK and my home in the Maldives. It was the perfect opposite!” he explains. “Since then, it’s become very much part of my life. A daily creative practice and a place to discover.”

Azlif’s favorite people to follow on Instagram share natural scenes that look very different from the ones he sees each day. “Some of my favorite Instagrammers shoot the great outdoors,” he says. “Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) of Vancouver, Canada, and Finn Beales (@finn) of the Black Mountains, Wales, are both great photographers. I love the diverse range of scenes they capture with perfect composition, tone and narrative.” Azlif also likes to tune into California beach life. “I recently discovered Pete Halvorsen (@petehalvorsen) who captures life in Manhattan Beach. It’s always refreshing to see different beach cultures in faraway places.” In addition to sense of place, Azlif looks for personality in the people he follows. “I love following people who seem humble and genuinely interested in what they capture and choose to share,” he says. With Pete for instance, Azlif says he “can always feel the rawness and authenticity in his videos and photos.”


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#WhoIFollow: Germany’s @theghostonmyback

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite person to follow. For more photos and videos from Lena and her favorites, follow @theghostonmyback, @nourishandevolve, @_amyglen, @psithurisma and @dltvo on Instagram.

When Lena (@theghostonmyback) moved away from home in Bavaria, Germany, to study, she was determined to also move on from her “frozen pizza” approach to cooking. As she started to cook for herself, she found inspiration in food blogs and “calling mum nearly every day to get some advice.” She also began to post photos of her eating exploits to Instagram, partly just to show her mum she wasn’t starving. She soon discovered a flourishing community of food photographers to keep her passion nourished.

"I was absolutely delighted and even more motivated to improve myself, try out new things and to find my own style," Lena explains. "I learned so many things, from new ingredients and dishes through to different ways of preparation—Instagram is a foodie’s paradise."

Lena’s photos keep food as the focus and have a minimalist approach showcasing an impressive array of tableware and spoons. All her recipes are her own ideas.

Two of Lena’s recommended Instagrammers to follow for a healthy start to 2014 include Melbourne Instagrammers Tina (@nourishandevolve) and Amy Glenister (@_amyglen).

"I love their way of cooking, which spices and ingredients they use and how they take and edit their pictures. It’s so inspiring! It seems like they love what they do. I’m not really into Instagrammers who talk about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food (or worse: ‘cheat meals’) and follow rigorous diets, forgetting about what it really means to nourish your body (and soul). I want passion, not constraints."

She also adds her boyfriend (@psithurisma) and vegan enthusiast Diem Ly (@dltvo) to the list of her favorites and says she’s “grateful Instagram provides an opportunity to connect with all of them no matter where they are from.”

She adds, “I hope that my snapshots encourage my followers to experiment around with food, to have fun in the kitchen and to try something new from time to time. I want to share what I love and represent a way of cooking that combines passion and enjoyment with responsibility for yourself and the world around you.”


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#WhoIFollow: Salt Lake City’s @thethriftstorecowboy

Frederick “Vaughn” Robison (@thethriftstorecowboy) grew up in a town of 1,100 people on the Oregon Coast to a family of fishing-boat captains. All along, he knew in his heart he belonged on the range. Vaughn explains, “My parents were at a loss, of course, for what to do with a kid who wanted to be a cowboy.”

After badgering his parents, they bought Vaughn a horse when he turned nine years old, kickstarting a lifelong passion for horseback riding. He now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he works as an art director while maintaining his love for riding. He lives six minutes from his horse, Elmo and eight minutes from his studio office in downtown Salt Lake City.

Vaughn started using Instagram as a way to connect with people who have similar interests and lifestyles to his own. “It’s hard to find fellow visually-inclined and motivated cowboys and cowgirls in a mostly metropolitan area, but Instagram has made it pretty easy to do so,” he says. “I’ve made many close personal and professional friends, who I’ve later met in person by way of Instagram.” Vaughn’s favorite accounts to follow are authentically “western,” folks who ride horses and live a similarly authentic, modern cowboy lifestyle.

Want to take a peek into the life of a modern cowboy? Be sure to follow a few of Vaughn’s favorite Instagrammers:

  • @owlfaceowlface: “We met on Instagram (and in real life later) and soon discovered that we have almost too much in common. I consider her one of my best friends now. She’s a film school graduate who traded it all in to work on a bison reserve in Colorado. Her photos (mostly landscapes of the remote ranch, a dog she rescued and horses) are incredible, as are her incredibly dry-yet-sassy captions.”
  • @muledragger: “He lives in Montana and packs mules through remote wilderness areas that are accessible almost exclusively by way of horse or mule. I mostly love the insight into the relationships he has with his mules—he’s obsessed, which is something I can relate to with my own horse.”
  • @polapony: “She’s a fresh breath of southwestern air. She lives in New Mexico and shares some truly beautiful landscapes, wildlife and lifestyle shots of the Land of Enchantment.”
  • @slusherphoto: “He’s an acclaimed fashion and commercial photographer in Dallas who hasn’t forgotten who he is or where he’s from (Stillwater, Oklahoma). It’s great to see another western-inclined individual weave who he is and where he’s from into where he’s going”
  • @jaybsauceda: “He’s a phenomenal portraitist of the western lifestyle. I personally don’t like photographing people, so he provides a nice dose of humanity to my feed.”
  • @kateloveshorses: “She works on the same ranch as @owlfaceowlface and is a former photo-editor for British Glamour magazine. She has an English accent, is tough as nails and takes a lot of photos of her cattle dog, Pepe Sanchez.”