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Exploring the World at 45 Degrees with @teaforbear

To view more photos and videos of different teas, follow @teaforbear on Instagram.

Russian Instagrammer Sergey Minkin (@teaforbear) has found a unique way of blending geometry and objects to create what he calls his perfect “cup of tea.”

He started his “Tea of” series more than a year ago, developing a passion for 45-degree angles in the process. “I was walking down the street and thinking about new compositions for a themed account but I wanted something which would last,” says Sergey. “My friends now joke that I can capture everything in 45 degrees. I started to get good feedback from people and I became more involved.”

Sergey also explains how he juxtaposes different patterns and objects to create the different compositions—or “teas”—of each photo. Says Sergey, “Every photo is ‘tea’ of something I find around. Tea of good mood, different angles. Actually it does not depend on 45 degrees, it’s just describing about what is this tea. There are complicated things, and there are things that are both simple and unclear at the same time.”


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The Art of Stuffing Hair with @ahmad_abi

For more photos and videos of Ahmad’s hair, browse the #stuffedhair hashtag and follow @ahmad_abi on Instagram.

Egypt Instagrammer Ahmad El-Abi’s first #stuffedhair photo was originally a submission for the Weekend Hashtag Project on 2014 resolutions (#WHPresolutions2014). Ahmad stuffed his hair full of yellow rubber ducks he had bought in 2013 but never got round to doing anything with. Instead of creating a project about yellow rubber ducks, Ahmad had given birth to a creative and amusing new photo series on Instagram.

"Family and friends’ reaction to the photo was amazing," Ahmad muses. "I said to myself, I shall put stuff in my hair until I cut it and I made the ‘paper boats head' and the reaction was even more awesome and encouraging.”

Ahmad says many people comment asking how he creates the photos. “The most interesting (and difficult) photo was the ‘bubble head,’ because people couldn’t understand how the bubbles didn’t pop when they touched my hair. So I posted showing a making of the photo, which was really difficult to do. There were so many trial shots until I finally got one I liked.”

The reaction to the series from the Instagram community has inspired Ahmad to continue posting and explore a newfound interest in photography. “I hope to inspire others to open their eyes, to do what they love and to discover more about what they can do, because when I started photography three years ago, I didn’t know I would be doing conceptual/creative photography. I really love it when someone says my photos cheer them up because they are colorful and funny.”


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Celebrating April Fool’s Day with @mattsteele's Visual Wordplay

For more of Matt’s creative humor, follow @_mattsteele_ on Instagram.

For Ohio Instagrammer Matt Steele (@_mattsteele_), photography doesn’t always have to be a serious matter. For this April Fool’s Day, Matt—who’s “always doing something silly”—shares his thoughts on combining creativity and humor.

"In terms of a photograph, I’m drawn to silliness because it gives me the opportunity to create something unique and share it," Matt explains. "I have an incredibly tight-knit group of friends here in Ohio, and each of us are funny in our own distinct way so we’re always exchanging laughs."

Many of Matt’s photos are visual takes on wordplay and often make up part of his #WHPwhoopsie and #autocorrectgonefishing series, which are either puns on the Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project or scenes built out of humorous autocorrect malfunctions.

As Matt tells it, “The ‘whoopsie’ started when Instagram chose #WHPlighthouse as their weekend project. Arkansas isn’t exactly close to any lighthouses. I thought it would be fun to make a typo out of ‘lighthouse’ and photograph the result by creating something fun and silly, which happened to be a horse with a light bulb glued to it (‘lighthorse’).”

From there, the lighthearted series has grown into a weekly staple, with many looking forward to Matt’s creations and some even creating their own spin-offs as well. “When I posted the first whoopsie, I remember someone telling me to ‘please do this every weekend,’ so it stuck ever since. The encouragement I get to keep creating, as well as seeing other Instagrammers contributing their interpretation of the idea is what keeps me going.”

Can you guess the wordplay behind any of Matt’s photos above? Click on each to see the captions and inspiration for each project.


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Mornings and Evenings: 3191 Miles Apart

To view more photos from Maria and Steph, follow @3191milesapart on Instagram and visit their blog, 3191 Miles Apart.

Long before Instagram began, Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes found each other online and bonded over a mutual love of craft and simple domesticity. Living 3191 miles (5135 km) apart in the US cities of Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon, the two began a year-long project posting a diptych of their morning view side-by-side on their blog, 3191 Miles Apart.

They enjoyed the experience so much that they ran a subsequent year-long project of evenings, eventually met each other in person and later started a quarterly magazine, blog and shop together. Instagram was the natural next step for their daily photos of coffee and cereal.

"We decided to start the Instagram account to recapture some of the spirit of how 3191 Miles Apart began," explains Steph. "Instagram allows us to celebrate the everyday again." The pair alternate in posting photos from their morning and evening scenes with the signatures "MAV" for Maria and "SCB" for Steph, as well as some additions from newer members of the team.

"What I have loved about being on Instagram with my 3191 team is how our posts play off and interact with each other much as MAV’s and my photos did in our Year of Mornings and Evenings projects. I love to look at our grid of photos every now and again. Inevitably, the colors and shapes complement each other in amazing ways."


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Inside São Paulo Fashion Week with @felipeveloso

For more photos and videos from São Paulo Fashion Week as it unfolds, browse the #spfw hashtag and follow @felipeveloso on Instagram.

“A painter’s work might spark an idea for a skirt, or food could make me think of a dress,” says fashion stylist Felipe Veloso (@felipeveloso), who finds creative inspiration everywhere—especially outside the fashion realm.

Felipe, who has been working in the fashion world for over 13 years, transitions between the spaces of fashion, music and art, dressing everyone from singer Caetano Veloso (@caetanoveloso) to actress Regina Case (@reginacase). “Ideas are plural, and fashion no longer comes from one group of influencers. Fashion is everywhere. It’s no longer about top-down communication. But rather it comes at you from all sides.”

During São Paulo Fashion Week, Felipe is looking forward to seeing what Alexandre Herchcovitch (@alexandreherchcovitch) has created. “Alexandre always surprises me!” he says.

For first-timers attending São Paulo fashion week this year, Felipe only has one piece of advice: “I am against fashion with rules. You should find what speaks to you.”


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From Rural Oregon to Brooklyn for Community with @waywardspark

To see more photos and videos from Camille’s life in Philomath, follow @waywardspark on Instagram and visit her blog and Etsy shop.

"Since the year I was born, my parents have maintained an oversized garden and have been vendors at the local farmers market. I was raised free foraging in the raspberry canes and the pea patch," explains Camille Storch (@waywardspark), who lives off-the-grid in rural Oregon. “I grew up in the small town of Philomath and, much to my surprise, I’m still here, living happily in a tiny cabin with my husband, Henry Storch (@hpstorch), and two little kids.”

Camille joined Instagram on a whim to share moments from her life harvesting, preparing, cooking, canning and preserving fruits and vegetables, but soon formed a deep bond with a community of “farmers, food bloggers, adventurers and New Yorkers.” The connection took her across the country to meet one of her favorite Instagrammers. “After months of pining over Nicole Franzen (@nicole_franzen)’s photos of New York City, I decided to take an Instagram-fueled solo trip to Brooklyn last spring,” she says. “This was so totally out of character for me that everyone I knew thought I was a little nuts. I ended up having the time of my life, I met up with no fewer than 12 powerhouse women that I first connected with through Instagram, including @foxfodderfarm, @clamlab, @camillebecerra and @lilystockman.”

For more of Camille’s favorite people to follow from her community of farmers, food bloggers and adventurers, check out these Instagrammers:


Food Bloggers



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Capturing the Community of Australia’s Bondi Beach with @denoodle

For more photos from Bondi, follow @denoodle on Instagram and explore the Bondi Icebergs and Bondi Beach location pages.

"I like to think I’m a cross between a hippie and a hipster," explains Instagrammer Tim Denoon (@denoodle), a longtime resident of Bondi, an ocean-side suburb of Sydney, Australia.

one that he fuels with his photos of life on the beach or at the Bondi Icebergs' famous oceanfront pool. Drawn to surfers, tourists and locals alike, it's the way that people interact with Bondi that intrigues Tim most. As he puts it, “Some of the men in my pictures are friends or acquaintances, but most are strangers who either jog past very quickly or who stand transfixed at the water's edge by the rolling sea. The beach is a supremely contemplative environment, and being able to photograph people while they're in this head space is a real joy for me. I used to live at a Buddhist monastery, so being able to capture these moments is like creating a zen poem, something short and sharp and full of deeper meaning.”

Though an avid surfer himself, it’s more than just the waves that captures Tim’s imagination, and he sees his photography as a way to bring people together. “What I love most about Bondi is the local community, the people who I see on the sand and on the street who always stop and have a chat about the waves or the sky or how their coffee was slightly too bitter this morning,” he says. Tim uses his photography on Instagram and the #wearebondi hashtag to capture the magic of the Bondi spirit and “get people thinking about what glues us together as a suburb.”

As for what comes next, Tim hopes to take his passion for photography and beach communities on the road: “With any luck I’ll be able to travel more extensively this year with the goal of photographing different beach cultures around the world. It’s a theory I’d like to prove: that surf and sand can join people together just as firmly as bricks and mortar (or hashtags and emoticons).”


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The Penny-Sized Illustrations of @samlarson

To see more photos of both Sam’s normal-sized and minuscule work, follow @samlarson on Instagram.

"I gather my inspiration from the American West," says Sam Larson (@samlarson), a 25-year-old Wisconsin native now working as a freelance artist in Carlsbad, California. “I like to get out into the mountains and desert whenever possible.” On Instagram, Sam shares his western-themed creations, which often take the form of tiny, penny-sized drawings.

Sam attributes his rekindled interest in illustration to Instagram. In 2013, after a five-year hiatus from art, “I started doing one drawing a night to post on Instagram. It was an exercise that held me accountable, and the encouragement helped keep me going.”

"Instagram has allowed me to make new friends, travel to places I didn’t know existed, share my art and so much more," says Sam. "I hope to inspire people to pick up a pen, or to embark on some type of adventure."


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On Assignment across Africa with @glennagordon

To see more photos and videos from photojournalist Glenna Gordon’s work in Nigeria, Liberia and across Africa, follow @glennagordon on Instagram.

"I love the informality of Instagram," says photojournalist Glenna Gordon (@glennagordon), who shares photos while on assignment across Africa. “It started as a scrapbook for me, and in some sense it still is: it’s a record of where I’ve been and what I’m working on.”

Glenna recently wrapped up an assignment in Nigeria and began a new one in Ghana. Senegal and Liberia are next.

"I never planned to be a photographer," Glenna explains. "I always wanted to be a writer." When journalism school proved uninspiring, however, Glenna visited her brother who was working in Rwanda. Working in such a different context "was the opposite of journalism school and I loved everything about it immediately." Soon after, Glenna moved to Uganda and began writing. Over time, she says, "I felt myself more and more pulled towards photography," which she now does almost exclusively.

Glenna seeks to present a more nuanced view of Africa. “I hope people see contrasts among places, and the moments in between. I hope they see individuals rather than groups, and individuals within groups, to make it harder to generalize and say, ‘Africa is this,’ or ‘Africa is that.’”


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Viewing the World from Above with @raskalov and @makhorov

To see more photos and views from high above, follow @raskalov and @makhorov on Instagram.

Standing on the roofs of buildings that reach higher than 500 meters (1,640 feet) tall would be terrifying for most, but for Russian Instagrammers Vitaliy Raskalov (@raskalov) and Vadim Makhorov (@makhorov) great heights are a daily adventure.

"One day my friends took me on a roof trip," explains Vitaliy. "That was the start of my long journey. It was a hobby at first, but now it has became a kind of work."

Vitaliy and Vadim post photos to Instagram from the top of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, including China’s Shanghai Tower and Russia’s Moscow City Tower. This daredevil activity, not to be tried at home, is known as urban exploring.

"I use Instagram because it’s fast and easy to save such beautiful moments—and I enjoy the responses from the community," Vitaliy adds.