Visiting Reykjavík’s Newest Bridge with @sigvicious

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In September 2013, two new bicycle and pedestrian bridges opened over the Elliðarár River in Reykjavík, Iceland. The bright-red, triangular structures shortened the distance between Central and Grafarvogur by 0.7 km (0.4 mi) and introduced striking, modern architecture to the snowy landscape ripe for photographing.

Iceland Instagrammer Siggeir Hafsteinsson (@sigvicious) grew up in Reykjavík and made the trek to shoot the bridges when they opened. “I spent the last six months or so in Barcelona, so I wasn’t here when the bridges were being built,” he explains. “I’ve always been fascinated by construction and architecture, so when I saw they had opened I had to visit to take a shot.” So far, Sig says the response from Icelanders has been positive: “from what I can tell people really love them!”