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Behind the Scenes at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

For more behind-the-scenes photos and videos from Paris Fashion Week, browse the #pfw hashtag and follow @alexandrautzmann and @kevintachman on Instagram.

Backstage at Paris Fashion Week, you’ll find some of the best models, makeup artists, hair stylists and designers in the world. “If you don’t capture something beautiful, you’re doing something wrong,” says Kevin Tachman (@kevintachman), a veteran of shooting behind the scenes at shows. “The challenge is to quickly find the essential elements to capture at each show, keep your images fresh and remember not to take things too seriously.”

For Alexandra Utzmann (@alexandrautzmann), who was shooting backstage at the spring/summer 2015 collections for CR Fashion Book (@crfashionbook), the experience of photographing the work that goes on behind the runway is always a surprise. “You don’t know which kind of light is going to be back there, what the fashion and the casting are like, if you’re going to be stuck in a space for photographers or if you will be able to walk around,” she says. “Backstage can be kind of a fight—super crowded, very short time, very low light and a lot of photographers—but it’s also that energy that is interesting.”


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Pushing the Boundaries of Burger Edibility with @fatandfuriousburger

To see more creative—and questionably delicious—burger creations, follow @fatandfuriousburger on Instagram.

French graphic designers Thomas and Quentin swear their @fatandfuriousburger creations are edible, despite their over the top, made-to-be-photographed nature.

What started as an exercise in collaborative lunchtime cooking “soon became a ritual,” says the duo. The ingredients they use are as varied as gold leaf, whipped cream and salmon, drawing inspiration from newspaper headlines, film and everyday life. But how do they taste?

“Sometimes it’s a great surprise,” they say, “but sometimes it’s kind of a failure.”


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Overcoming Shyness with Margot Breby

To see more of Margot’s whimsical photos and videos, follow @margotbreby on Instagram.

For Paris Instagrammer Margot Breby (@margotbreby), her style was always a way out of her shell. “I am very shy, and fashion is a good way to express myself,” she says. “Growing up, I wanted to become a stylist and I drew outfits I dreamed of wearing.”

Margot’s serene, light-soaked Instagram photos have also helped with her shyness. “It brought wonderful people into my life,” she says. “People who became true friends. I never imagined that when I began a year ago.”

Margot’s inspiration comes from eclectic sources, many of whom share her whimsical outlook. “I really love Sofia Coppola’s and Wes Anderson’s movies and Tim Walker’s photography,” she says. “I am also very inspired by other Instagrammers.”


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Romancing Paris on the ‘Love Lock’ Bridges

To view more photos and videos from the love locks on the bridges of Paris, explore the Pont de l’Archevêché and Pont des Arts location pages, or browse the #cadenasdamour and #lovelocks hashtags.

In a city like Paris, finding romantic spots isn’t too difficult—but for Parisians and visitors alike, the French capital’s bridges have a special draw all to themselves.

Rows of padlocks, known as cadenas d’amour, or “love locks,” adorn the Pont des Arts and Pont de l’Archevêché as timeless symbols of love. Those able to find a free space will often inscribe their names on the padlock, latch it to the bridge and then toss the key into the river Seine as a sign of their everlasting commitment.

In recent years, the romantic gesture has captured the hearts of those outside Paris. Love locks can now be found in cities across the world from London to Seoul.


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Local Lens: The Backstreets of Montmartre with @ruerodier

In this series, local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around where they live. This time, we take a trip to Paris with Instagrammer Marissa Cox (@ruerodier)—a blogger who recently moved to the French capital. For more from Marissa’s adventures in Paris, follow @ruerodier on Instagram.

“For me, Paris is a feast for the eyes,” says Instagrammer and recently-arrived Paris resident Marissa Cox (@ruerodier). “From the narrow cobbled streets, medieval architecture and famous landmarks to the plethora of cute cafés and decadent patisseries, the city of lights is an Instagrammer’s dream.

"In Montmartre, the Sacré-Cœur is the main attraction. The angelic, ivory-white basilica towers over Paris just behind a flight of steps, which feature several levels of lookout points where you can capture beautiful views of the white and cream shades of the city. The best place to take Instagram photos of the basilica is from the little park below, which blooms with flowers in springtime and is near an equally beautiful and ornate carousel. I also love to wander the winding cobbled backstreets a little further off the beaten tourist track. I’m a big foodie and coffee addict, so I like to walk through the Place du Tertre and down Avenue Junot to Marcel for brunch or stop for a coffee at Soul Kitchen, just on the other side of the Sacré-Cœur, or Café Kooka Boora on my way back down to Rue des Martyrs.

"Rue des Martyrs, located to the south of the Sacré-Cœur, is a street of untapped treasures with a village feel to it. Be sure to shoot pretty bouquets at the many flower shops, the jewel-colored patisseries displayed in the window of Arnaud Delmontel and the rows of artisan cakes and chocolates lined up at chocolatier Sébastien Gaudard.”


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Local Lens: Paris outside the Postcard with @gflandre

In this series, local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around where they live. This time round we take a trip to Paris with Instagrammer @gflandre

"I like to define Paris as a ‘living cliché,’" says Instagrammer Guillaume Flandre (@gflandre). “No matter how many times I have seen the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, le Louvre or Montmartre, I still look at these landmarks with the same amazement I had as a child. Paris actually looks like a postcard.”

Away from some of Paris’s most famous and beautiful landmarks, Guillaume likes to capture moments of everyday life in Paris on Instagram and he has found that places close to his home near Canal Saint-Martin make for great shooting locations.

"This canal has everything I like in a neighborhood: lots of young people as well as great restaurants and bars, parks. It’s also a great place to take pictures of people playing basketball, riding their skateboards or partying on the quay next to amazing graffiti-covered walls—and the setting sun reflecting in the water is something I will never get tired of photographing."

Stroll past the islands in the middle of the Seine, Île Saint-Louis and Notre Dame's Île de la Cité, and you could find yourself in the trendy neighborhood of le Marais.

"This part of Paris kind of looks like a village in many ways," says Guillaume. "With small parks, shops and small streets in which it’s easy to get lost. I like to go there to try to discover all the gems this neighborhood has to offer and, of course, snap pictures of it."

Le Marais (3rd and 4th arrondissements) is full of small boutiques and cool cafés. “This part of town is particularly interesting on Sundays when streets are closed to traffic and hip Parisians like to wander around.”

For more local views of Paris, Guillaume also recommends the following Paris Instagrammers: @monsieurlam for great architecture, @ilkflottante for graffiti around the city, @oliviathebaut for minimalism and @nathparis for postcard views of the city.

Spotlight: Paris

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Since launching, we’ve seen Instagram spread from our headquarters in the Bay Area to every corner of the globe. In this series we’ll highlight top users from countries and cities with thriving Instagram communities.

This week’s spotlight takes us to the City of Light, one of the most beloved places on the planet. Paris’ slew of vistas, iconic buildings and parks are ripe for stunning photographs. As the capital of France, the city will also be at the heart of May 6th’s hotly contested presidential election between @nicolassarkozy and François Hollande.

We’ve gathered together a group of Parisian Instagrammers that share their view of the city with us day in and day out:











The photo at the top of this post is by @vutheara.