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At Home in Remote Places with Documentary Photographer @chiaragoia

To see photos from Chiara’s curious journey, follow @chiaragoia on Instagram.

“Where is home? This is the most difficult question you can ask me right now.”

Documentary photographer Chiara Goia (@chiaragoia) uses Instagram as a notebook of her journeys, adding entries from sites as varied as Mediterranean seas, frozen Mongolian lakes and holy sites in India. Ascetics, nomads, fellow travelers and family members alike appear in her stream of images from a life in motion.

Though she has come to feel like “less of a stranger in remote places” than in her native Italy, Chiara describes her path as a photographer as a dream come true. As she explains, “you have to succumb to your own curiosity and let it lead you.”


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#WhoIFollow: Mongolia’s @bolorchirs

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite people to follow. For more photos and videos from Bolor and some of his favorite Instagrammers, follow @bolorchris, @mr007, @jasonmpeterson, @littlecoal and @tim.kau on Instagram.

"I personally prefer to take minimal photography," says Mongolian Instagrammer Bolor Batkhuyag (@bolorchris), “because I can’t include everything in my photos and I feel that minimal is the most appropriate way to capture the uniqueness of things.”

Through his photos on Instagram, Bolor likes to explore his home city of Ulaanbaatar as well as the surrounding mountains to capture moments and scenes that “express the meaning and responsibility of a man.” To visualize this theme, he often turns to his local Instagram community and goes out shooting as a group where they serve as models for one another. “I like to capture the man appearing small with the surrounding environment taking up the majority of the photo,” he explains.

A great part of Bolor’s creative inspiration comes from other Instagrammers who also share remarkable minimal shots as well as photos in black and white. To tune into some of Bolor’s favorite people on Instagram, follow these great accounts:

  • @mr007 - “I found him when I first started Instagram, and he first inspired me to share black and white photos. His editing technique and color balance is amazing.”
  • Jason Peterson (@jasonmpeterson) – “His black and white photos have great angles. The contrast and simple captures are especially stunning.”
  • Eric Ward (@littlecoal) - “The colors he creates are awesome, and his perspectives provide a different view of minimalism.”
  • Tim Kau (@tim.kau) - “He has an amazing feed with bikes, and I learn a lot from them.”


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Want to see more photos? Browse the hashtags #naadam and #mongolia.

Naadam (Наадам)

Mongolians just wrapped up the last day of Naadam, a traditional festival that has its roots in the nomad wedding assemblies and hunting spectacles of the Mongol Army. Naadam festivities feature Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery and are held throughout the country during the midsummer holidays. Women participate in archery and girls in horse racing, but not in Mongolian wrestling.