On Assignment across Africa with @glennagordon

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"I love the informality of Instagram," says photojournalist Glenna Gordon (@glennagordon), who shares photos while on assignment across Africa. “It started as a scrapbook for me, and in some sense it still is: it’s a record of where I’ve been and what I’m working on.”

Glenna recently wrapped up an assignment in Nigeria and began a new one in Ghana. Senegal and Liberia are next.

"I never planned to be a photographer," Glenna explains. "I always wanted to be a writer." When journalism school proved uninspiring, however, Glenna visited her brother who was working in Rwanda. Working in such a different context "was the opposite of journalism school and I loved everything about it immediately." Soon after, Glenna moved to Uganda and began writing. Over time, she says, "I felt myself more and more pulled towards photography," which she now does almost exclusively.

Glenna seeks to present a more nuanced view of Africa. “I hope people see contrasts among places, and the moments in between. I hope they see individuals rather than groups, and individuals within groups, to make it harder to generalize and say, ‘Africa is this,’ or ‘Africa is that.’”