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Instagrammers Capture the Kentucky Derby

For more photos and videos from the Derby, follow @kentuckyderby on Instagram and explore the location page for the home of the Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs. You can also browse the #kentuckyderby hashtag.

The 140th annual Kentucky Derby takes place Saturday afternoon in Louisville, Kentucky. This thoroughbred horse race, which spans two kilometers (one and a quarter miles), is known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” as a result of its extremely short duration.

Landon Nordeman (@landonnordeman), a photographer returning to the Derby this year to capture it for the second time, shares his enthusiasm for the event: “I love to shoot the Derby because it is the only American sporting event where fans get truly dressed up,” he explains, referring to the elaborate attire—and hats—that fans wear. “Plus,” he adds, “it has its own cocktail: the mint julep.”


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The Hats of the Kentucky Derby

For more photos of this year’s Kentucky Derby, browse the #kentuckyderby and #kyderby hashtags and visit the Churchill Downs location page. Also be sure to follow @kentuckyderby on Instagram.

On the first Saturday of May each year, thousands of people descend on Louisville, Kentucky, for the legendary Kentucky Derby horse race. While many turn out to Churchill Downs to watch the race, the main event generally lasts only about 2 minutes. Others come for the fanfare and traditions, which include eating burgoo and drinking mint juleps.

But perhaps the most recognizable and photogenic Kentucky Derby tradition is the donning of big, extravagant hats. Browse the location page for Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, to see this year’s elaborate fashions.

Photo Feature: Kentucky Derby

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The Kentucky Derby takes place today in Louisville, Kentucky at 3:24pm PST. This thoroughbred horse race spans for only one and a quarter miles, or two kilometers, and is known in in the United States as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” as a result of its extremely short duration.

Spectators have been sharing their pre-race preparation photographs of traditional Derby items such as as mint julips and lavish oversized hats, as well as photographs behind-the-scenes from Churchill Downs, with Instagram.

The Kentucky Derby is also known as “The Run for the Roses” due to the blanket of 554 red roses draped over the Kentucky Derby winner, as presented by the Governor of Kentucky, every year. As a result, the rose has become the race’s official flower.

Whether you’re at the race in-person or attending a Kentucky Derby viewing party, be sure to tag your photographs with #kentuckyderby!

Photos by @karynkelly, @carriec, @lookingforlaura, @thejeanniemai, @natalienicole03, @audreylasalle, @madi_frame, @jadthegent & @jauntingjill.