In the Artist’s Studio with @JonathanMatas

If you’ve recently spent time walking the streets of San Francisco, California, chances are you’ve come across a mural by Jonathan Matas. You may have also spotted one in New York City or Atlanta. Comprised largely of letters, squiggles and drips, his works are as distinctive as they are conspicuous.

Through Instagram, Matas brings his followers into the studio, and in some cases, to the sites of his building-sized paintings.

"I’ve been painting as far back as my memory can reach… I started doing graffiti when I was about 15, which led to doing murals. Since I already painted a lot, the large work influenced the small work and vice-versa. Now these categories are hard to distinguish."

Matas’ works draw from both meticulous detail and chaos—a balance apparent from the photos he shares through Instagram. Says Jonathan, “there are basically two extremes: complete planning and complete free-styling. I avoid embracing one at the expense of the other and try to enjoy the dance between the two.”

On documenting his work, Jonathan says if people “even have a tiny moment of joy or inspiration, then it’s worth posting.”

Explore more of Matas’ photos through his Instagram feed at @jonathanmatas and through others’ photos shared with the #jonathanmatas hashtag. Learn more at