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Koreans Celebrate Chuseok (추석)

Want to see more photos and videos from Chuseok? Visit the hashtags #chuseok and #추석 hashtags.

Every Autumn Equinox, Koreans celebrate the harvest with a three-day holiday called Chuseok (추석). To celebrate a good harvest, over 35 million Koreans will travel to their hometowns to honor ancestors and share a feast of traditional foods like songpyeon rice cakes and sindoju and dongdongju rice wines this year. While the exact traditions vary between celebrants in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), both countries observe the holiday.


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Koreans Celebrate Chuseok (추석)

Want to see more photos? Visit the hashtags #chuseok and #추석.

Over the weekend, Koreans everywhere celebrated Chuseok (추석). The three-day holiday also known as Korea’s Thanksgiving is held every year around the Autumn Equinox. To honor the harvest, Koreans visit ancestral hometowns and feast on traditional foods like songpyeon and dongdongju.

In modern South Korea, there is a mass exodus on Chuseok as South Koreans return to their hometowns to pay respects to the spirits of their ancestors. People perform worship rituals early in the morning, then visit the tombs of immediate ancestors to clean the area and make offerings of food, drink, and crops.