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Exploring Archstoyanie with an InstaMeet

For more photos and videos from the festival, browse the #archstoyanie, #aрхстояние and #nikolalenivets hashtags.

Archstoyanie (Aрхстояние) 2013 is underway! Archstoyanie, a festival held in the small Russian village of Nikola-Lenivets (@nikolalenivets), has become one of the most important gatherings around Russian contemporary art today. As part of the kick-off, Archstoyanie held an InstaMeet led by Russian Instagammers @katia_mi and @russian_moscow.

The village boasts permanent, massive land sculptures that reflect the surrounding environment, and the festival also brings in new installations each year such as 2012’s "Fast Track" trampoline. This year’s festival features 13 projects that synthesize space and sound.


Archstoyanie Festival (архстояние), photo feature,

Archstoyanie Festival (архстояние)

To see more photos of Nikola-Lenivets and the Archstoyanie Festival, visit the hashtags #archstoyanie and #архстояние.

Four hours south of Moscow in Urga National Park lies the small village of Nikola-Lenivets. Once a failed farm collective, the rural town is now one of the most important sites of Russian contemporary art. Artist Nikolai Polissky led the vanguard in 1989 when he arrived as a painter and member of the underground Soviet art collective Mitki. Now the site boasts monumental land-art structures attuned to the seasons and harvests of the village.

Each year Nikola-Lenivets also hosts the Archstoyanie Festival (архстояние), the Russian equivalent of Burning Man with a particular focus on the interactions of art and landscape. This year, the festival features a 170 ft. trampoline, “Fast Track,” designed to slow down travel and let jumpers enjoy the forest around them.