Exploring the World at 45 Degrees with @teaforbear

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Russian Instagrammer Sergey Minkin (@teaforbear) has found a unique way of blending geometry and objects to create what he calls his perfect “cup of tea.”

He started his “Tea of” series more than a year ago, developing a passion for 45-degree angles in the process. “I was walking down the street and thinking about new compositions for a themed account but I wanted something which would last,” says Sergey. “My friends now joke that I can capture everything in 45 degrees. I started to get good feedback from people and I became more involved.”

Sergey also explains how he juxtaposes different patterns and objects to create the different compositions—or “teas”—of each photo. Says Sergey, “Every photo is ‘tea’ of something I find around. Tea of good mood, different angles. Actually it does not depend on 45 degrees, it’s just describing about what is this tea. There are complicated things, and there are things that are both simple and unclear at the same time.”