Writing Home with @ledavolli

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The experience of living abroad has been a magical one for Brazil Instagrammer Leticia Davolli (@ledavolli), who has called Toronto home for the last five years. “All of a sudden, you see the world through the eyes of a foreigner,” she says. “You never belong to a single place again.”

Leticia strives to preserve her foreigner’s perspective on the city while still maintaining ties to her roots back home. “I try to maintain the perspective of a newcomer in Toronto by really exploring each corner, sidewalk and coffee shop through the lens of my phone. When I first moved to Toronto, I created the blog Para Minha Mãe, translating to “For My Mother,” as a way to share my experiences in Toronto with my mom. I wanted to share the cool parts of the city that were not mentioned in most city guides. After a while, the blog naturally developed a wider audience and people started writing in and asking me for city recommendations.”

Leticia is especially fascinated by Toronto’s independent café scene. “People gather there to find inspiration and connect with others,” she says. “My mother also loves coffee shops. Being in cafés is a way to reconnect with my essence and origins.”