InstaCity is a blog series that introduces you to Instagrammers in different parts of the world. We’ll feature a new city, and a new group of Instagrammers, in each installment. We love exploring the world through photos, and hope that you’ll be inspired to follow some of the users we feature here.

This week, we’re taking you to New York City!


Brian DiFeo helps organize the NYC InstaMeets, one of the largest Instagram meetup groups in the world (last month, they hosted a scavenger hunt!). Brian takes photos that reflect his daily routine, going to and from work: “I cross the Hudson River between downtown Jersey City to Downtown Manhattan,” he says, “so my pictures typically include cityscapes, building architecture, and water. While I may post the occasional candid shot, I prefer to capture sunlight, reflection, and shadows.”

@bridif: Walking home last evening…


Meet Clayton. He lives in Brooklyn and commutes by bicycle to Manhattan every day for work. Along the way, he snaps photos on his iPhone. Crossing the Manhattan Bridge one evening, he captured this beautiful shot of a tugboat. “I got 3 shots off before the tugboat disappeared under the bridge,” he says. “I uploaded the shot to Instagram that night.”

@brooklens: Southbound tug on the East River


Noi Mendoza is a 33-year-old iPhoneographer based in Queens, NYC. She started her foray into iPhoneography in mid-2009 when her husband gave her his hand-me-down iPhone 2G. To this day, she is still using the same iPhone. “Instagram has allowed me to connect with other iPhoneographers in a different and more meaningful way than other social media platforms,” she says. “The Instagram groups and InstaMeets go a long way to build a sense of community among local iPhoneographers here in NYC,” she says.

@noinyc: As I was walking to the subway after work this evening, I saw this man dressed up as a toy soldier. What a sight!


David Castillo likes taking pictures of people on the streets with the city as the background. When taking a break from work or classes, he takes photos and shares them with the Instagram community. “The main reason I love Instagram is the community,” he says. “Instagram for me is much more than an app.”

@frozen_embers: Park her car


Native New Yorker Lolita is a street photographer who’s had a passion for photography since childhood. She enjoys taking photos in the subway most of all, capturing the eccentricities, ethnicities and emotions of New York City. “My most interesting moment using Instagram occurred while taking candid photos of a homeless man, who was approached by a well-dressed man offering food in a large doggie bag,” she says. “It was such a beautiful, private moment, and it was such a thrill to capture it and then share it to the world on Instagram.”“

@lolitalens: Serendipity

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