Thanks to all who came out for the second-ever Worldwide InstaMeet last Saturday! From Melbourne to San Francisco, Instagrammers got together to go on photowalks and meet up with other photo-loving folks in their hometowns. The Instagram crew in New York City even put together a scavenger hunt – over 50 people participated, snapping photos of everything from “someone eating a hot dog” to “5 or more strangers in a conga line.”

The Instagram Meetup community now has almost 2300 Instagrammers signed up in over 500 cities. If you want to attend a meetup in your area, just go to to connect with Instagrammers in your hometown, and tell your friends!

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You can do a search for the #instameet tag to see photos from all the meetups – here are some of our favorites:

InstaMeet Melbourne, by @mishobaranovic

InstaMeet London, by @neil

InstaMeet NYC: “20 Points: All members of the team together in one shot while each holding a real animal”, by @takinyerphoto

InstaMeet SF, by @hayzull

InstaMeet Hawaii, by @hawaii

InstaMeet San Juan, by @abracadabracafe