At Instagram, the depth of our ambition lies in the goal to change the way we see the world – to connect people from near and far and enable anyone with a camera to tell their story through a rich visual dialogue. From personal moments with your best friend, to breaking events happening halfway across the world, we’re building the tools and platform with which now over 1.75 million people tell their story from one day to the next.

It’s an old adage in Silicon Valley that the ability of a company to change the world lies not necessarily in the technology, initial idea, or bank account but instead in the team – the folks that are just crazy enough to think they can make a difference.

We’ve been a small and lean team from the start – believing that being scrappy, humble, and agile would be the best way forward. Mike and I launched 4 months ago as two guys in a co-working space. Since then, we’ve stayed small, adding two more members to the team. And with that, we’ve seen nearly two million people sign up for Instagram, an amazing 78 million likes given out by the community, and over a half a million tags in under a week. To say that we’re excited by this all would be an understatement.

Today, as we see over 290,000 photos posted per day, we’re struck by how happy we are to be part of a team that not only includes Instagram’s four employees, but the millions of people who wake up every day and choose to share their story on Instagram. With this growth, we’ve decided the time is right to bring together some of the most talented folks in the social web to help us scale the business to the next level.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re adding some new members to our extended team. We just raised a $7 million round led by Matt Cohler from Benchmark Capital along with a stellar cast of folks in technology. Matt, who was formerly Vice President of Product Management at Facebook brings with him a wealth of knowledge of how to manage and grow social products. Benchmark as a whole brings years of experience in mentoring and supporting some of the most exciting and successful companies of the last five years: Twitter, eBay, Yelp, Quora and more. We’re both excited and humbled to have such an amazing team become part of the Instagram family.

To the same end, we’re extremely excited to announce a select group of angel investors who will also become part of the Instagram family:

Adam D’Angelo was Chief Technology Officer at Facebook where he helped grow and scale Facebook’s infrastructure to where it is today, serving over 500 million people worldwide. Additionally, he co-founded one of the most interesting startups to pop up over the last year: Quora. His thoughtful approach to new technologies and scaling problems will be an asset to the Instagram team.

Jack Dorsey is the co-founder and chairman of Twitter, and currently the CEO of Square. Jack helped create and scale one of the largest social platforms to date – and continues to innovate at Square. His experience building a communications platform helps Instagram prepare for the challenges ahead.

Chris Sacca served as Head of Special Initiatives at Google. In that role, among other responsibilities, he founded and headed up the alternative access and wireless divisions. Now, as founder of Lowercase Capital, Chris brings a depth of experience in helping grow and mentor startups.

And finally, we’re very happy that Steve Anderson and Baseline Ventures who wrote the first check to get Instagram off the ground have continued to support our endeavor.

With this new capital, we’re excited to accelerate building a world-class engineering team to help tackle next-generation problems of scale in mobile and social. Our new capital will also allow us to scale to the opportunity we’ve been handed across a variety of platforms on mobile and the web.

We’ve got some groundbreaking stuff in the pipeline that changes the way we see and consume what’s happening in our world. I’m excited to help lead a team that will do nothing but continue to push the envelope of what’s possible, and bring you first-class products. Again we’re excited at this moment in our company’s growth to be lucky enough to grow with the opportunity in front of us all.


Kevin Systrom

CEO, Instagram