We’re excited to announce a very cool integration with our friends over at Foursquare. When we launched two months ago, we decided to add the ability to automatically check-in on Foursquare if you tagged your photo with a location. This was a fun and convenient way to check-in, but your friends on Foursquare would never see the photo. Bummer.

Today all that changes with Foursquare’s announcement of photo support.

Now, every time you select “Foursquare” in the sharing options and tag your photo with a location, we’ll not only check you in on Foursquare, but we’ll also attach the photo as part of your check-in so your Foursquare friends can see as well. Neat, huh? We sure think so.

Of course, we’re open to more integration ideas too. Why not hop on over to our forum and contribute to the list?

And if you’re new to Instagram but curious to try it out, well howdy! We’re the fastest, most beautiful way to share photos from your iPhone to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous and now Foursquare. You should download the app in the App Store and get snapping!