Creating and Capturing Paper Abstracts with @ninoisy

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For Thailand graphic designer Karuna Khettanurak (@ninoisy), patterns are at the core of her creativity. When she began to experiment with transforming paper into various designs and posting them to her Instagram account, she received suggestions from her followers for further exploration. “My Instagram friends recommended ideas to me from other artists who made interesting creations from paper, and I did find a lot of them after doing some research,” says Karuna. Since then, the works of these artists have become some of her inspiration in what she calls her “abstracts.”

Karuna says that paper and photography are “like two worlds colliding.” She folds, stacks, cuts, sculpts, curls and weaves her papers, then captures them in different angles to create unique designs. Karuna often shoots in a room with low lighting and either places her paper abstracts on a light box or by a window to get natural light. Reflecting on her fascination with capturing paper, she says, “It’s so close to us but we overlook its value. I was so surprised to find the art hidden inside.”