Hashtag Highlight: Protect your Melon #amelonaday

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When New York Instagrammer Maz McWilliams (@digsapparel) started documenting himself carrying a melon for 100 days to promote awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), he did not expect it to grow into the collaborative movement it has since become.

"Everyone I know calls a melon slang for a person’s head. It has this hard exterior, a soft inside and it’s just this beautiful thing. To me, the melon is a relatable and powerful symbol for TBI awareness." When people started asking him questions about the project, he encouraged them to join in creating their own creative melon images, and the hashtag #amelonaday came to life.

This is a labor of love for Maz, who lost his brother Tim to complications from TBI in 2005. “My brother was 100% my hero, my idol. I get so emotionally overwhelmed working on this in his memory. My wife said, ‘Do you realize you’re looking your brother right in the eyes all this time and you don’t even know it?’ He is a part of everything that I do.”