Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPhandinhand

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes & hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

The goal this weekend is to take creative photos and videos of hands. Some tips to get you started:

  • Hands can be extremely expressive. Spend some time observing people’s body language to get an idea for how they hold their hands depending on their mood and emotions.
  • Our hands are constantly working. Whether they’re painting, sewing, writing, typing or building, keep an eye out for how you can capture hands at work—especially with video.
  • Age can play a big part in telling the story of your photo or video. A child’s youthful hands can convey joy and excitement, whereas older hands lined with the wrinkles of time can create a more tranquil scene.

PROJECT RULES: Please only add the #WHPhandinhand hashtag to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own photographs and videos to the project. Any image or video taken then tagged over the weekend is eligible to be featured right here Monday morning!