Celebrating Mothering Sunday in the UK

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On Sunday, mums across the United Kingdom will be celebrated for Mothering Sunday. Originally a Christian holiday falling on the fourth Sunday in Lent, the day allowed those in service to visit their “mother” church and see their families. Mothers received wild spring flowers and handmade cards, and they traditionally baked home-baked simnel cake. The day has become a general tribute to motherhood similar to the American Mother’s Day, and still involves giving flowers, cards and gifts to mothers.

"I have three beautiful daughters and they appear frequently in my gallery mainly because I predominately use Instagram as a photographic memory log of our life," says UK Instagrammer, midwife and mum Sharon Cudworth (@poppyseedhouse) from Suffolk. “Instagram has allowed me to venture into the lives of other mothers across the world. I share daily captures of my children that other women have related to: moments of joy, laughter, fun and even despair, and this has been reciprocated too.

"Mothering Sunday is such an important day for me. It is a day where I think of my own mother a lot as she sadly died when I was a child. I missed out on that mother- daughter relationship growing up and therefore dreamed of having a daughter one day. How amazing that I now have three? My husband is usually up early, preparing us all breakfast. My girls usually make their cards. They know I much prefer handmade things, especially by them. They also spoil me with beautiful fresh flowers too."