From Rural Oregon to Brooklyn for Community with @waywardspark

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"Since the year I was born, my parents have maintained an oversized garden and have been vendors at the local farmers market. I was raised free foraging in the raspberry canes and the pea patch," explains Camille Storch (@waywardspark), who lives off-the-grid in rural Oregon. “I grew up in the small town of Philomath and, much to my surprise, I’m still here, living happily in a tiny cabin with my husband, Henry Storch (@hpstorch), and two little kids.”

Camille joined Instagram on a whim to share moments from her life harvesting, preparing, cooking, canning and preserving fruits and vegetables, but soon formed a deep bond with a community of “farmers, food bloggers, adventurers and New Yorkers.” The connection took her across the country to meet one of her favorite Instagrammers. “After months of pining over Nicole Franzen (@nicole_franzen)’s photos of New York City, I decided to take an Instagram-fueled solo trip to Brooklyn last spring,” she says. “This was so totally out of character for me that everyone I knew thought I was a little nuts. I ended up having the time of my life, I met up with no fewer than 12 powerhouse women that I first connected with through Instagram, including @foxfodderfarm, @clamlab, @camillebecerra and @lilystockman.”

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