Tips from the ASP: Taking the Perfect Surf Action Shot

For more photos and videos from the Samsung Galaxy 2014 ASP World Championship Tour, explore the Snapper Rocks Beach location page and follow surfers Kelly Slater (@kellyslater), Carissa Moore (@rissmoore10), Mick Fanning (@mfanno), Stephanie Gilmore (@stephaniegilmore), Gabriel Medina (@gabrielmedinaaa) and Courtney Conlogue (@courtneyconlogue).

The Association of Surfing Professionals (@asp) kicks off its 2014 World Championship Tour today in Australia’s Gold Coast. The world’s best male and female surfers will take to the water to compete for the highest scores from judges considering level of difficulty, innovation, variety, speed, power and flow.

Whether you’re attending the Quiksilver and Roxy Pros or simply getting a surf session in with friends, keep these tips from ASP photographers Kirstin Scholtz (@kirstinscholtz) and Kelly Cestari (@kc80) in mind:

  • Nothing will end a water session quicker than a leak. Protect your water housing from any possible damage.
  • You will never win a fight against the ocean, but the more time you spend shooting in the water the higher your success rate will be and your confidence will grow with each session.
  • Communicate with the surfer about the type of image you have in mind and it will come a lot easier. Build a good working relationship with them, so they trust you not to ruin their wave and you trust them not to injure you.
  • Early morning and late afternoon are often the most magical times to shoot surfing. There is nothing more beautiful than a surfer silhouetted against a glowing backlit wave or wave painted with purples and pinks reflecting the colors of sunset.
  • Keep looking for new angles. Shooting from behind the wave can make the face look steeper and the wave bigger. Shooting from above makes it look smaller and flatter.