Finding Color and Texture Everywhere with @hellocolor

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For Pawel Nolbert (@hellocolor), there are interesting patterns and colors waiting to be found in the most obvious of places. Originally from mid-west Poland and now working as an illustrator and graphic designer in Warsaw, Pawel aims to highlight pleasant compositions of colors and textures by finding a new perspective in seemingly mundane places.

"I tend to focus on selected objects," he explains. "Very often I find interest in details that people normally ignore and don’t pay attention to."

Pawel says he took some time to find a conceptual and deliberate approach to using Instagram as a form of photographic exploration, inspired by other creative accounts he was following such as @josecabaco and @drdefense.

"I got inspired by the creative mobile photography coming straight from my smartphone and I was instantly able to share photos of my own too. After some time using Instagram in a ‘regular’ way, I started to try to create photos rather than just take them, so to speak. On my way back from work, I would walk an extra mile to explore my city and find good photo spots in the fancy and the seemingly dull districts. I really got into it that way—and I got to know Warsaw better."

Pawel aims to inspire others with his distinctive perspective: “I hope my photography can help people see the creative potential in their everyday surroundings. Sometimes it’s just good to stop and look around the corner to see a new world that had always been there, waiting to be seen.”