Exploring the Big Four Ice Caves with @mattbg

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Two hours outside of Seattle in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, a natural spectacle draws Instagrammers to Big Four Mountain: ice caves. Created from years of cascading water, warm winds and avalanche-deposited snow, the Big Four Ice Caves first attracted Los Angeles Instagrammer Matt Gee (@mattbg) a year ago. As a lover of epic landscapes, Matt immediately knew he had to plan a visit: “This was one place that I absolutely had to see in person. The photos I saw conveyed such an otherworldly and unique landscape.”

"Photographing the caves was an incredible experience. There was a beautiful backdrop of snow-covered mountains and the cascading waterfalls surrounding the caves created an amazing soundtrack for the experience." Capturing the caves’ magnitude was particularly tricky—a problem Matt solved after being drawn to the texture of the cave walls as a backdrop for portraits. "It was really important to have people in my shots to give the photos some scale," Matt says. "It was great to have the subject wearing a pop of color against the cool blues and whites of the walls."