Discovering Argentina’s Pasaje Lanín with @gotlib

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"I’ve always liked street art because it’s more democratic—it can be appreciated by everyone," says Buenos Aires Instagrammer Agustín Gotlib (@gotlib). “I’m really excited by the creative potential of the graffiti that’s appeared in the streets of Buenos Aires.” On the weekends, Agustín often visits the neighborhoods of San Telmo, Barracas and Palermo to shoot street art. “The streets are quiet on the weekends and the art has room to breathe,” he explains.

On one such weekend, Agustín discovered Pasaje Lanín—an entire alley of street art in Barracas. Artist Marino Santa María, who lives on Pasaje Lanín and has a studio there, decorated 35 houses on the street with wavy stripes of tile and paint. He painted his own house first, and soon after neighbors asked him to decorate their houses as well. Agustín fell in love with Santa María’s work immediately: “I liked the abstract forms and bright colors of the facades and how they covered people’s homes—it’s art unifying with life itself.”