Exploring the Site of Reversible Destiny (養老天命反転地) in Gifu, Japan

To see more photos and videos of the park’s abstract mazes and other extraordinary constructions, explore the Site of Reversible Destiny - Yoro Park (養老天命反転地) location page.

This week, we visit the Site of Reversible Destiny - Yoro Park (養老天命反転地) in Gifu, Japan, an exploration park created in 1995 by contemporary artist Shusaku Arakawa and poet Madeline Gins.

Just as eccentric as the name sounds, the park contains structures such as mazes, paths, mounds and hallows, which are designed to be physically disorientating. The two main areas of the park, the “Critical Resemblance House” and the “Elliptical Field,” take visitors through perception-bending courses with gigantic maps, unnaturally arranged furniture and strangely shaped buildings.