Writing Love Letters with @nasyakopteva and @sashabraulov

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Some of the greatest writers in history have turned to love letters to communicate deep feelings despite distance. For two Russian Instagrammers, @nasyakopteva and @sashabraulov, it was their love for handmade letters and envelopes that kindled a deep friendship, which later developed into love.

Living in different parts of Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow) Nasya and Sasha would share small notes or “mail art” with each other. As their love and friendship grew, Sasha made sure he was glued to Nasya’s Instagram account.

"I viewed Nasya’s Instagram account every day," says Sasha. "If there appeared multiple photos of her working desk with envelopes and paper, to me it was a sure sign that I should check my post box shortly after as a new creation must have been sent to me."

The couple met through mutual friends on a trip to St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum (@hermitage_museum). The two now live together in St. Petersburg after marrying in late 2013. Even though they’re now physically together, their declarations of love through sharing handmade envelopes, postcards and other objects in the mail continues as they post remnants to Instagram as keepsakes.

"Our marriage did not affect our correspondence in any way," Sasha continues. "We still love sending heartwarming things to surprise and gladden the other meaningful half—reminders of the moments that are particularly dear to both of us."

Nasya adds, “Our Instagram accounts, apart from snapshots from our travel, sometimes host photos of the mail art creation process. They help us save the perceptions that are dear to us: the sentiment, the light, the texture, interaction of colors. It’s sharing bits of our daily inspiration, not just visual content.”

Nasya and Sasha also share some visual messages to each other privately through Instagram Direct, as well as publicly on their accounts.

"It’s great for those who sometimes find it important to restrict the number of those who get these little beautiful pieces of mail art," Nasya adds. "Especially for those wanting this visual communication to take place within Instagram. We are now accustomed to the interface and have literally fallen in love with it.”