Capturing Aura Portraits with @jalvarezcastillo

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For Buenos Aires art director Josefina Alvarez Castillo (@jalvarezcastillo), creative work is a way to bring out the best in people.

"As a creative director, I work to help people make their businesses shine with ideas and design," she says. "My work consists of making people see the beauty in things—but far more to see their own beauty, learning how to accept and love their inner selves."

With those goals in mind, Josefina created her own series on Instagram, #peoplesaura, where she captures portraits in front of circular objects or designs. As she explains: “The circle behind their head represent their holiness. I believe that we are all saints.”

Want to capture your own #peoplesaura portrait? Josefina has some tips to share:

  • "Start looking for circle shapes in the street, your house or wherever you are.
  • "If the theme of the aura is related to the personality of the person you are going to shoot, it’s even better!
  • "Look out for the symmetry in the composition of your photo and point your camera straight towards the eyes to capture their humanity better."