From All Sides with @ritacordeiro

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Portugal Instagrammer Rita Cordeiro (@ritacordeiro) sees life as a fusion of colors, sounds and vantage points. That dynamic, synesthetic sense of perception shines through on Instagram.

"I fell in love with photography when I was 14, almost at the same time I fell in love with music. My life has had a soundtrack since then and maybe this influenced the way I use Instagram," she explains. "Almost all my pictures are titled with the name of a song. The association is instant and usually occurs when I’m taking the picture."

In addition to including a layer of implied sound with her images, Rita also likes to add a third dimension: Instead of capturing just one angle of a subject or object, Rita often shoots her scene from two or three perspectives, creating a visual series when you look them side-by-side on her profile. “There are some subjects I like looking at from different points of view,” she says. Other series are united only by color. “I sometimes focus only on color and suddenly have some kind of diptych or triptych that I’m only aware of after publishing. Pure chance.”

Rita’s first two posts on Instagram kicked off her work in series. “My first two pictures were of a pair of shoes I had wanted for a long time and finally bought. I wanted to share both sides of the shoes with photos. It was a perfect ‘Cinderella’ moment.”