Hashtag Highlight: Snooping Pets (#mascotaschismosas) in Mexico City

Share your photos and videos of curious pets with the #mascotaschismosas hashtag and follow @brokeniphone for more adventures throughout Mexico City.

"Here in La Condesa, a nice walking-friendly neighborhood in Mexico City, a lot of people have pets and walk them throughout the day in the streets or in the park," explains 26-year-old Chilango Instagrammer Felipe Lanz (@brokeniphone). “You can see them at midday hanging out by the windows, gates or doors. They look like they are gossiping—really observant of what passes by, chit-chatty even.” To capture the essence of these pets, Felipe started the #mascotaschismosas hashtag, which translates in English to gossipy or snooping pets.

To get just the right #mascotaschismosas scene, it takes a keen eye for pet expressions, but there’s plenty of room to get creative. “The picture just has to exalt the curiosity in the animal.”

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