In the Artist’s Studio: Watching @wolfbat’s Carvings Come to Life

To see more photos of Dennis’s work—and the work of people who inspire him—follow @wolfbat on Instagram.

Under his art moniker Wolfbat (@wolfbat), New York City-based artist Dennis McNett uses Instagram to share the process behind his huge, intricate wood cuts and sculptures.

"Everything I do is hand carved with a chisel," says Dennis. While sometimes it’s hard to capture in a photo, "I try to show the process from start to finish to give a better idea of what people are looking at when viewing my work. It’s also fun to show some of the big sculptures I make for performance, which are then burned afterwards."

Dennis first heard about Instagram from his interns, he says. “They kept talking about it and encouraged me to join.” After signing up, however, his captivating wood cuts and sculptures—which take the form of Viking ships, dragons and other mythical creatures—quickly found an audience.

The Instagram community is also a source of inspiration. “I use Instagram to share my work,” which Dennis says is strongly influenced by the imagery of the early 80s skating and punk rock scene, “but also to see other peoples work and share things that inspire me.”