Share Your Feast: Tips from Foodie Photographers on Instagram

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A little over a year and a half ago, San Francisco food and lifestyle photographer Sonya Yu (@sonyayu) shared some of her best advice about how to take beautiful photos of food. We caught up with Sonya and chatted with a few of the top foodies on Instagram to hear their favorite tips.

For all those celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday, take note of these pointers to score that perfect photo of your holiday spread:

Patrick Janelle (@aguynamedpatrick) “I look for a nice texture as the backdrop to the meal. The plastic table not good enough? Call me crazy, but sometimes I’ll set the dish or drink on the ground for a better backdrop (see: #coffeegrounded). A lot of people like to neatly organize their food on the table before a shot, but I like a more natural look. A fork askew, map of the city, your handbag, phone or keys: each element gives the photo more visual texture and definitely makes it more personal.”

Joann Pai (@sliceofpai) “Good lighting is an integral part of food photography. Soft daylight is best. Depending on the situation, I would even suggest taking your food to a place with good light, then taking a photo.”

Ruben Hughes (@rubenhughes) “When editing, try slightly upping the highlight in your photo which will increase the whiteness of your plates or other ware. Bringing out the color in your photo can help increase the beauty of it. Try adding a bit of warmth or focused saturation to any colorful areas.”

Sonya Yu (@sonyayu) “A great vantage point always makes for a great composition, especially when your extensive spread seems too difficult to fit into a square. Go grab the nearest chair to stand on and don’t be shy—take your photo from up above to capture the entire meal! And of course, don’t forget to save me and @trotterpup a plate!”