#HowIShoot: Photographing Reflections on Water with @mattglastonbury

How I Shoot is a series where we ask Instagrammers to tell us about their photo and video-taking processes. This week, Tasmanian Instagrammer @mattglastonbury shares his tips for taking water reflection shots.

As well as being one of the most prolific InstaMeet organizers on the planet, Tasmanian Instagrammer Matt Glastonbury (@mattglastonbury) is a master of photographing reflections on water. One of Matt’s favorite subjects to shoot with his Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone are the reflections on the surface of the River Derwent near his home, which he catalogs with the #liquidography hashtag. “We have a clear view of the sunset, Mount Wellington and the river from our lounge room window, so when there is a colorful sundown, we usually head down and find some calm waters to shoot from.”

To learn more about how to shoot a great water reflection photo like Matt, read his tips below:

Camera: Nokia Lumia 1020


  • Tap the screen to lock the focus on the brightest part of your scene so you don’t over-expose the sky.
  • Use a waterproof case and turn your device upside-down to get the lens as close to the surface as possible
  • Mind the weather. Calmer days make for the best reflections and sunrise or sunset make for the most colorful scenes.
  • Use rapid-fire (burst mode) if your handset supports it, then pick out your favorites.

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