Mexico Celebrates Día de la Revolución 2013

To see more photos and videos from today’s festivities, browse the #20denoviembre, #revolucionmexicana and #diadelarevolucion hashtags and explore the Plaza de la Constitución (Zócalo) location page.

November 20 marks the date in 1910 when the movement to overthrow Mexican dictator Porfirio Díaz began. The Mexican Revolution brought the end of 34 years of military rule, but came at the expense of a 10-year civil war in which various parties struggled to gain power and define social organization for the country. Finally, representatives emerged with the Mexican Constitution of 1917 and Álvaro Obregón ascended as the new president in 1920.

Now, the day is known as Día de la Revolución (Day of the Revolution) and stands as a national holiday in Mexico. Many schoolchildren dress in the historical outfits of revolutionary heroes, while parades and civic ceremonies mark the holiday throughout the country. The largest of these take place at the Plaza de la Constitución (Zócalo) in Mexico City.