Tokyo Skytree from @naomi0326’s Balcony

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When Tokyo Instagrammer Naomi Nakazaki (@naomi0326) moved into her new apartment, she not only gained a new place to live, but also a fantastic view of the Tokyo Skytree right outside her balcony. It was not long before Naomi began to direct her passion for photography to the new landmark tower, taking snapshots of the Skytree at different times of the day to create a dynamic series. “I would try to wake up before dawn every morning and take pictures at daybreak,” she says. “I feel sleep deprived all of the time because of this.”

Naomi also likes the view at night when the Tokyo Skytree is lit up, but her favorite moment is when the lights go out every night at 11PM. “I like the softness and airiness of that moment,” she explains.

Want to capture a favorite landmark in your hometown? Here are some tips from Naomi:

  • Look out for the changes in the sky. One cloud can completely change the expression of the scene.
  • For something big like the Tokyo Skytree, try to capture the scene so that it looks high and wide within the square frame.
  • Aim for the perfect angle—when taking pictures on your phone, the slightest angle can hugely affect the colors you can capture.