@billylloydesign: A Potter’s Point of View

"Pottery is not just a product on a shop shelf or a gallery plinth; it is a form of craft," says Billy Lloyd (@billylloydesign), a potter based in south London who shares the art of his trade on Instagram.

"There is a very human element to making pottery—a relationship carefully nurtured over time and through direct engagement with clay. Instagram provides me with an opportunity to demonstrate the different processes, tools and materials involved in crafting a utilitarian object."

Billy traditionally trained as a “thrower,” a craftsman who shapes clay on a potter’s wheel before it goes into a kiln to harden. He works from his studio at Cockpit Arts Deptford, London, but also designs products which are made in Stoke-on-Trent, a site of large-scale pottery manufacturing. (See his “Billy” range for @TheNewCraftsmen.)

Billy uses Instagram to highlight all aspects of his practice: “A quick sketch, a thrown pot on my wheel, a trip to a factory in Stoke or a visit to a client are inevitably full of photogenic moments that illustrate life as a potter,” he says.

He aims to highlight the effort behind the ceramics we habitually encounter in day to day life: “Everyone has a favorite mug right? I certainly do. In fact, for me, choosing which mug to use is much like choosing which pair of shoes to wear or jumper to put on. Different moods encourage different combinations.”

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