In the Artist’s Studio with @LoganMaxwellHagege

"My influences are both modern and traditional," says Logan Hagege (@loganmaxwellhagege), a Los Angeles-based artist who documents the creation of his boldly colored paintings on Instagram. “My work that focuses on the American West is done in a style that I feel shows my modern influences as well as my respect of the past.”

Since joining Instagram shortly after purchasing his first iPhone two years ago, Logan’s been using his mobile phone to bring friends, fans and collectors into his studio.

"I enjoy sharing the process of working on paintings over several weeks, and sometimes several months," says Logan. "I live this odd existence, making a living as an artist. I hope sharing some of my life gives a little more insight into what it means to be an artist."

When traveling the US for shows, Logan often draws inspiration from his surroundings, sharing the experience through Instagram: “While out on the road I’ve often thought to myself ‘I wish my friends could see this.’ Instagram now serves as my vehicle to share some of the mind blowing things that I see with a larger audience.”

More broadly, Logan has also found Instagram inspiring creativity in his non-artist friends. “I think it is really interesting how Instagram has allowed millions to start to look at things in an artistic way, whether they are artists or not. I’ve seen such interesting photos from random friends that most likely wouldn’t have existed if not for Instagram.”

Follow Logan on Instagram for a peek into his studio and to follow him on his travels: @loganmaxwellhagege.