#WhoIFollow: Guatemala’s @jpanleu

This weekend, Instagram celebrates its third birthday! To mark the event, throughout the week we’re sharing a special series of #whoifollow features asking Instagrammers to share their favorite person to follow. For this third and final installment, we’ve asked Jose Pablo Anleu (@jpanleu) from Guatemala to share his.

25-year-old Guatemalan Instagrammer Jose Pablo Anleu (@jpanleu)—who celebrates his birthday just a day after ours—first started using Instagram after getting his first smartphone in early 2012. Professionally, he works as a photographer and filmmaker with a speciality in portraiture. “My passion is connecting with a subject through photography,” he says.

Among his chief influences, Jose lists his friends—a small but strong community of Instagrammers in the nation’s capital, Guatemala City. “We are a tight knit group who enjoy exploring, days in the woods, nights by a fireplace,” he explains. “Each day more and more friends are getting into Instagram,” and they plan to host their first InstaMeet in Guatemala this year.

Jose says he can’t even list all of the Instagrammers who inspire him, but for his follow feature he calls out Puerto Rican photographer Fernando Samalot (@simonebirch). “He has this eye for things, turning the mundane into magical.” Calling out the interplay between Fernando’s photos and their captions, Jose explains, “What I love the most ever since I started following him is that his Instagram feed is not only a collection of beautiful pictures, but a journey of his life and how he’s evolving as a person day after day.”

For more from Jose and Fernando, be sure to follow @jpanleu and @simonebirch on Instagram.