#ArtThursday: Katharina Fritsch at the Fourth Plinth

Welcome to another #ArtThursday! This week’s edition takes us to Trafalgar Square in London. The famed square has a plinth, or platform, at each of its four corners. But there’s a problem: one plinth intended to hold a statue of King William IV atop his horse remained bare for over 150 years due to insufficient funds.

The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) began the Fourth Plinth Project in 1998 to fix that. Temporary artworks were commissioned from three contemporary artists—Mark Wallinger, Bill Woodrow and Rachel Whiteread—to fill the plinth. The project went so well it became an ongoing series run by the Greater London Authority. Katharina Fritsch’s 4.72-meter- (15.5-ft-) tall high blue sculpture of a cockerel, “Hahn/Cock,” has occupied the space since July 25, 2013. It is intended to symbolize "regeneration, awakening and strength" and will be displayed for 18 months.