Inside the Workshop with @CanadianWoodworks

From his workshop in Ontario, Canada, Paul Lemiski—creator of Canadian Woodworks—fashions a wide range of beautiful and curvaceous wooden chairs, stools and tables.

The attention Paul pays to each creation shines through in the finished product, but that doesn’t stop him from taking time to share his process on Instagram at @CanadianWoodworks.

Through his photos and videos, Paul’s Instagram followers get a close look at every stage of the fabrication process. “I not only enjoy fine woodworking, I like taking a good photo and sharing what I’ve learned. It’s a combination of wanting a great photo that also shows some technical woodworking technique.”

With the introduction of video on Instagram, Paul’s been able to share even more: “I’ve found I use the video feature about as much as the picture mode. With it, I’m able to show different angles and get across more information.”

Get a peek in the studio by following Canadian Woodworks on Instagram: @CanadianWoodworks.