Discovering News on Instagram

Interested to know more about how news organizations can use video? Check out some of our tips on how you can get the most out of Instagram video.

Since launching video on Instagram back in June, we’ve seen the many creative ways Instagrammers have used video to express themselves. From a hand-drawn time-lapse artist to a sci-fi TV show series, this community continues to astound us.

Lately we’ve seen media broadcasters—both traditional and non-traditional—experimenting with video to share news and information right here on Instagram.

NowThis News (@nowthisnews) is among those leading the charge. The NowThisNews crew teamed up with Newark Mayor and U.S. Senate-candidate Cory Booker for an Instagram video interview series.

CNN (@CNN) recently launched a 15-second debates micro-site as part of its German elections coverage. The project asks German political parties to answer reporter questions in 15-seconds or less to be shared on Instagram.

For #NPRDumplingWeek, NPR (@NPR) teamed up with chefs to post fun, instructional videos to teach their community how to make Shumai, Manti, Tortellini, and Potstickers.

CBS This Morning (@CBSthismorning) has been using time-lapse to experiment with delivering followers 15-second newscasts, including this one documenting efforts to salvage a massive cruise ship.

We’re always excited to see new ways Instagrammers are using video and we’re excited to see what comes next.