A Study in White with the Sheikh of Chic

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Kuwaiti Instagrammer Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah (@majedalsabahkuwait) is no stranger to what makes something beautiful. A prominent figure in the fashion industry, he brings his eye for aesthetics to his everyday life through Instagram.

Al-Sabah says his minimalist series of household objects on stark white backgrounds comes from his over 22 years of experience in merchandising and window-display design. “I normally decide to photograph what’s around me, what’s in the fridge—and then I start putting together specific concepts and series.” These photos often incorporate recognizable brands in a humorous approach that challenges labels that are particularly protective of their branding.

Majed Al-Sabah also frequently incorporates music into his posts—both as soundtracks in his videos and as captions in his photos—to help dimensionalize his work: “I want my audience to look at my photos with that specific music playing.”