An Inside Look at Building Bicycles

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The Instagram community is rich with artists and craftspeople documenting their trades. By sharing everything from restoring furniture to building guitars to printing stationary, these Instagrammers leave their followers with a better understanding and deeper appreciation for their craft.

Cycling enthusiasts are a particularly lucky group, as many bicycle builders from across the United States and around the world have taken to Instagram to show off their fabrication skills.

Interested in learning more about how bikes are built? Check out these Instagram accounts:

  • StanRidge Cycles, frame and cycle builder in Columbus, Ohio — @stanridgecycles
  • Stinner Frameworks, bicycle builder from Santa Barbara, California — @stinnerframeworks
  • Majaco Bikes, frame builder from Austin, Texas — @majacobikes
  • Horse Cycles, bicycle builder from Brooklyn, New York — @horsecycles
  • Geekhouse Bikes, mountain bike fabricators in Boston, Massachusetts — @geekhousebikes
  • Bishop Bikes, frame builder in Baltimore, Maryland — @bishopbikes
  • The Bicycle Academy, a master class on bicycle frame-building in Bristol, UK — @thebicycleacademy