Discovering the Magic of Italian Skies with @brahmino

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Bologna, Italy-based Instagrammer Simone Bramante (@brahmino) began using Instagram in February of 2011 to see how mobile photography would change the way he thought about his own career. As a visual storyteller, Simone finds the balance between photos and text especially interesting, particularly as he interacts with and receives feedback from the Instagram community.

Many of Simone’s photos tend to feel magical as his subjects float, tilt or sink into the signature blue skies, expansive seas and rolling fields of the Italian landscape. He has also become well known for his #mindtheclouds hashtag series. For these photos, he plays with perspective to create scenes in which people or objects seem to seamlessly interact with faraway clouds. The series itself is an exercise in taking time to notice beauty. “[The series was] born at a time when I needed to look at the sky even if commitments did not allow me to stop,” he says, “But I often stopped the car, arriving late for meetings.”

Want to take your own #mindtheclouds photo? Simone only has just one important tip: “Be quick in framing the beloved cloud, because it changes shape quickly, but take all the time your heart needs to observe them.”