Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPfilmedfromabove

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes & hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

The goal this weekend is to take videos from a bird’s-eye perspective. Some tips to get you started:

  • Try to keep your shot as steady as possible. Use a tripod or place your phone on a glass table and set your scene up underneath it. If you’re filming a moving scene, be sure to turn on Cinema Mode if your device supports it.
  • When searching for a subject, try filming everyday actions from above. When viewed on their own, hands in motion can tell a remarkable story of their own.
  • Lastly, pay attention to your setting. Use your background or surface to help set the tone and context for your video.

This video style is a favorite of director Wes Anderson. Check out this supercut of examples from throughout his movies.

PROJECT RULES: Please only add the #WHPfilmedfromabove hashtag to videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own videos to the project. Any video taken then tagged over the weekend is eligible to be featured right here Monday morning!