Exploring Mayan Ruins on Instagram

For more photos and videos from Mayan sites throughout Central America, explore the Chichén Itzá, Tikal, Lamanai and Calakmul location pages and browse the #chichenitza, #tikal and #mayanruins hashtags.

From 250 CE until its mysterious collapse in 900 CE, the Mayan civilization was one of the most advanced cultures in the world. Extending from southern Mexico through Guatemala and Belize to the northern tip of present-day El Salvador, the various kingdoms and empires of the Maya fostered a population in the millions. Throughout its nearly 3,000 years of existence, the Mayan civilization developed highly elaborate systems of art, architecture, religion, math and—most notably—astronomy. The three remaining Mayan texts (known as codexes) outlined startlingly precise astronomical predictions far into the future.

Though the descendants of the Maya live on in large numbers throughout the area, the ancient sites lie in ruins throughout the Central American jungles. The large stepped pyramids, ball courts and decorated stone slabs (or stelae) allude to the grandeur of the Mayan culture at its peak and hold a special draw for Instagrammers who make the trek to document them.