Bugging Out with @teresa_franco

San Diego, California Instagrammer Teresa Franco (@teresa_franco) isn’t afraid to get up close and personal with insects to fuel her love of macro photography.

Her interest in insects comes from her love of science fiction: “Everything about them, their appearance, behaviors—everything is just so alien.” Her passion has led her to learn a great deal not only about macro photography, but also her subjects as well. “I’ve learned so much about their behaviors and personalities that I can almost predict their next move,” she says.

As for her photography, Teresa takes all of her photos and videos using her phone and a few trusty accessories. She alternates between her SquidCam case and lenses and an Olloclip.

Teresa also has some tips for others who may want to try their hand at macro mobile photography or videography: “Other than having passion for it, macro photography is about three things: knowledge, technique, and patience. You have to know your subjects: their behavior, how to approach them, and when to shoot them. You must shoot without fear. Also, you must have great patience to achieve great shots. I’ve spent a good hour chasing bees and dragonflies—do not surrender and it will yield rewarding results.”