The Trip of a Lifetime with @sweatengine and @sittingingodspalm

For more photos from Kevin and John’s adventure, be sure to follow @sweatengine and @sittingingodspalm on Instagram and click through to their photo maps on mobile to expore their route!

One year ago today, Instagram launched Photo Maps as a way to see the moments you capture and share spread out over all of the places you’ve been. To commemorate the milestone, we’re sharing the story of two Instagrammers who have embarked on an amazing trip.

Kevin Lu (@sweatengine) and Joe D’Amelio (@sittingingodspalm) are two Instagrammers from New Jersey, USA. Joe, a butcher training to join the New York Police Department, had long dreamed of adventure. “I had to be the explorer I always wanted to be.” He and Kevin discovered one another on Instagram, and after a while of commenting back and forth and liking one another’s photos, they decided to meet up for a photo walk. The pair became fast friends with a shared creative passion.

Two weeks later, Kevin and Joe decided to quit their jobs, combine their savings and finally go on that adventure—#roundaboutusa. With Joe at the wheel and Kevin managing their travel budget, the two have so far voyaged all the way to the West Coast, stopping along the way to meet members of the Instagram community who have been following their journey. Awed by the hospitality and support they’ve received along the way, Kevin and Joe describe the trip as “life-changing” as they spend time fully committed to doing what they love.

Kevin and Joe choose their destinations by serendipity and most recently visited the Grand Canyon. The journey isn’t over yet, though, so to follow along on their adventure, be sure to follow @sweatengine and @sittingingodspalm on Instagram and see where they’ve been by exploring their Photo Maps.