Making Leashes for Rescues with @foundmyanimal

Inspired by a fisherman in her family, Bethany Obrecht, along with co-founder Anna Conway, started making rope leashes for their rescue dogs in 2006. “So many people stopped us in the street to admire our unique nautical leads that we decided to share them with others,” Bethany says. With that spark of inspiration to fuel them, their company, Found My Animal (@foundmyanimal), was born.

Bethany and Anna now spend their days in their New York headquarters making rope leashes and collars that promote animal welfare. They aim to spark discussion about animal adoption with their distinctive leashes— they even make a “rescue leash” in bright orange, the color of animal protection awareness. Through Instagram, they highlight the process of making their leashes, give folks a sneak peek at new styles on the horizon and feature the stories of the many happy rescue dogs who sport their goods. “A funny or cute picture of an animal can make your day, and sometimes all it takes is a picture of an animal in need to generate the energy and enthusiasm for change,” Bethany says.

For more photos of @foundmyanimal’s leashes and collars and stories from the rescue dogs who wear them, follow @foundmyanimal.