In the Artist’s Studio: Bringing a Painting to Life with @LolaGil

Lola Gil's paintings are as distinctive as they are arresting. Some are lighthearted and whimsical, others are haunting and melancholy, but all are executed with painstaking detail. Lola brings her paintings—and process—to life through Instagram: @lolagil.

"I really paint in a manner that lends better to ‘in person’ viewing due to my tiny crazy small details," says Lola. "However, Instagram really opened up a whole new way for myself and most artists I know to share those details and give a new life to the paintings I create."

As an artist, Lola’s found value in the feedback she receives from the Instagram community: “It’s of course not very exciting for me to watch myself paint, since I do it from morning to night. But the feedback has been both flattering and humbling, and I enjoy watching friends and new artists I discover share their process as well.”

The addition of video on Instagram provides Lola an opportunity to deepen the understanding of and appreciation for her work, and she uses music to set the mood she is seeking to evoke. “Music is a big part of my process, so now that I have the capability to share video I’m more aware of how it helps attach a certain feeling to what people are watching.”

Follow Lola and the creation of her works on Instagram: @lolagil.